About this blog

The fab lab initiative from The Resilience Collective aims is a collective journey to design, test, document & scale the use of Fab Labs for the most vulnerable populations using appropriate technologies.

This blog is tracking the progress and shares personal stories around these ‘Humanitarian Fab Labs’ – if you know stuff about only half of that (humanitarian, or fab labs) welcome, so do we (Ruta and Jean-michel) and we will be writing most of the posts here. We both work at Terre des hommes on the question what fab labs (digitally controlled tools, and their communities) can do for several humanitarian situations.

There is a primer below on the project, and we will be updating this space with progress and that view, as well as specific projects we are either running, or working on launching. Those currently include (in no particular order) Burkina Faso, Gaza,  Tanzania, Greece, Hungary and Romania.

If you have ideas how to do what we try to do better – get in touch! If you think what we do might be relevant to another project, or something you work on, contacts us! There sadly are many contexts and situations we are active in, but if we work together, the world might become a brighter place for its youth, and the people around them…

Primer on FabLab for Tdh for emergency and humanitarian interventions_Final_May 18

Terre des hommes is active in many fields – not just fab labs, and in many places across the globe. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more, or if you’d like to help us with our efforts!