Time to learn new tools

I’m a technological dolt. An absolute dud. I can’t keep a phone. Apple products are too complicated for me. I don’t have WhatsApp. Twitter is … well, what is Twitter?  

My excuse for being technologically useless is that I’m doing humanitarian work. I’ve spent years in countries that most people consider scary. Somalia and Afghanistan, for example. Most people can’t read or write – 63% of Somalia’s population, and 69% of Afghanistan’s population are illiterate. Unsurprisingly, internet penetration is low (1.7% in Somalia, 6.8% in Afghanistan).

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Time to learn new words

“Let’s first focus on IDP’s – perhaps we can produce some WASH items…”

“Isn’t DRC working on that? I think one of the guys at DAH knows.. Let’s check with him first!”

If you don’t know what’s going on here, welcome to the club.

According to UNHCR there were 68.4 6 million displaced people in 2017 – meaning these people are on the move, or in camps – most importantly, they are not ‘home’.

In 2017, 44,000 people were newly displaced every day. And for those of you new to all this (like me) the average time people spend ‘away from home’ (to say it in a nice way) is a staggering 18(!) years. If you are 36 (like me) that’s half of your life. And your entire youth.

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