Who we are

About Ruta

My name is Ruta, and I’m a humanitarian. Which means, essentially, that I’m a cobbler. I try to work with communities to find solutions, often with limited resources, to a whole range of problems, from protection to lack of health services to lack of income. I’ve worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, among others. And in each country, I’ve seen a wealth of untapped potential.

I’m working with Tdh to implement FabLabs in humanitarian settings … but I don’t understand anything about technology. I’m trying to wake up my old, tired brain so that it can learn about arduinos, and raspberry pis, and CNC mills. I figure that if I can learn about it, then so can any young person in a humanitarian context! Wish me luck …

About Jean-michel

My name is Jean-michel, I am a maker. Which actually a lot of people are, but not necessarily by choice. It’s often simply a case of using whatever you find locally to sustain, to survive. I do love building things, and helping and teaching people how to do so, using digitally controlled tools.


I’ve installed fab labs and machines in many countries, and taught people how to use software and tools from Universities in big cities to people and kids in rural areas.  I’m new to the humanitarian world, and although I believe technology can bring a lot of solutions to that world, I have a lot to learn, and want to make sure we don’t use technology ‘because we can’ but because it’s relevant, and the best option. I look forward to learning from the mistakes we’ll make, and to see the smiles of kids understanding their potential and power. Wish me luck!

About Terre des hommes

Every child in the world has the right
to a childhood. It’s that simple.

Terre des hommes is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Through our health, protection and emergency relief programmes, we provide assistance to over three million children and their families in more than 45 countries each year. We are active in many different countries and fields. See some images below for examples of where we work, and check out the website for more information.


This is in the Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camp. It is located in the region of Mrajeeb Al Fhood, a stretch of arid plains about 20 kilometers east of Zarqa, Jordan. It was opened in April 2013 and is funded by the United Arab Emirates. Jordanian officials fear that the number of Syrian refugees in Jordan could double over the next six months because of the escalation of fighting. It currently houses 4,000 people, with priority to widows, women with children, single women, the elderly, the disabled, or large families. Single men are not allowed to enter.


This is a picture from the Pits and mines project in Burkina Faso. In the picture you see Kadjé.Maiga, known as “Jimmy” at the Dori gold mine on the site of Gorouol .


Malian refugees in the Saag nioniogo camp “Bissongos”.